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I am a full-time freelancer and solopreneur with 20+ years of experience as an online education leader, college professor, and entrepreneur.

Before striking out on my own, I was a Vice President for Virtual Learning for the largest online school in Texas where I led the design of our LMS and user experience. After years of learning the pain points of online learners in navigating eLearning websites, I decided to dive headfirst into designing and creating the solutions to all those pain points myself.

eLearning is my love and I became a LearnDash specialist because LearnDash is a great choice for building your own online courses. The requirements for additional plugins to extend functionality and the challenges of designing a positive UX (user experience) can be overwhelming, so I am here to help!

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Sara Baker

Sara Baker

eLearning Specialist

An online course with video

" Don't allow the overwhelm of creating a website stop you from achieving your dream. Let me handle the tech and let's bring your vision to life. "

Sara Baker(20)

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